AT A time when the world is short of causes for celebration, here is a candidate: within the next few months women will cross the 50% threshold and become the majority of the American workforce. Women already make up the majority of university graduates in the OECD countries and the majority of professional workers in several rich countries, including the United States. Women run many of the world’s great companies, from PepsiCo in America to Areva in France  -The Economist, Dec  30,  2009

In India, women are joining the workforce in growing numbers and it is nice to see young urban women with many more options than what I had in their age.  But does earning a salary always lead to higher status?  In  many middle class homes across the country, women hand over their salaries to their husbands/in-laws/parents, keeping just a small amount as “pocket money” for themselves.  They are still not allowed to take major financial and other decisions on their own and  the other day, I met a working woman, who was saving up for her “dowry”.  She said she wanted to help her parents.


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