What  about  a salsa evening at the next meeting of the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) countries?  Brazil may have an edge but the other BRIC nations are  fast catching  up. Nirupama Rao has a fine ear for jazz and am sure can do the salsa

Someone once said that Latin American culture is one place that many non-Latinos turn to connect to themselves physically. There’s something about it, a liberation they don’t feel they can have in their everyday existence.  I noticed the underlying truth when I joined salsa classes in Delhi a few years ago. It was a curious mix of people who wanted to learn salsa :  hard core salsa lovers, those who loved  all forms of  dancing, random souls  looking for something to do in the evenings,  grey men in grey jackets hoping to reinvent themselves( and their female counterparts)  and finally  oddballs like me who had never learnt dance formally, but were attracted to the idea of tapping the ‘inner dancer’ within.  Sad. I had to give it up  after a few months.  The jerky movements didnot go well with my neck. Today, I  do a simplified version, minus  many of the movements which give the dance such a  sensuous appeal, but still love watching.

Salsa is no longer a Latin love. It has spread to countries like China and India and I found an youtube clip showing salsa  even in snowy Russia.

Here is Salsa in China

And  in snowy  Russia


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