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Weekend Thoughts

Britain and France were at war on and off for centuries, starting with the Norman (French) invasion of England in 1066. They have also been allies. Today, when they clash, as they often do, it spills no blood. Infact, it sparks merriment which lightens the mood of folks thousands of miles away.  Reproduced below is a link to a  story from The Guardian (UK)

Why can’t India and Pakistan fight over the really important things  in life  like the  existence or otherwise of the G-Spot?  We  can then disband our armies, live happily ever after, and get written about in The Guardian, bringing mirth to millions around the globe.   All that money which would otherwise have been spent buying guns would get us mountains of butter  and butter chicken instead. All we need  is one solid research study. Then we can pick the spot which will be the battle ground and voila…

Enjoy the sun, the weekend.


French hit back after British attack on G-spot touches nerve

One of the best comments to the Guardian story from a certain Vincent

” If the G-spot is a mythical place, like Eldorado, or Shangri-La, perhaps we might find it on Google Earth. I just looked up G-Spot on Google Maps though and it turns out that it’s a nightclub in Guildford.”


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