He is not particularly good-looking. He hams . He  models for innerwear . Ouch!

But one thing even the sneery types cannot  deny — Shah Rukh Khan is a natural wit.  Infact, his tweets are more entertaining than some of his movies..  On twitter, where everyone is shamelessly promoting self,  his brand of  self-promotion   is delightful.  e.g nasdaq will be fun. have to make sure i reach on time, otherwise will end up being blamed for economic upheavel across the world too..ha ha.’    Reminds me of Oscar Wilde’s quip when confronted by an US Customs  Official ” I have nothing to declare but my genius”.  Smart chap, Khan.

Am absolutely with him when he says ” sad my statements are seen as a stand against a group instead of a stand for myself and my individuality.” That is the point many people are missing. India is a free country and each one has a right to have an opinion and stand by it without being physically harassed. You may or may not agree with SRK on Pak players and IPL but if that is his view, what is wrong if he stands by it.

I am not a film buff and I donot care for many of SRK’s  movies ( repetitive). I care  even less for IPL and it matters a twig, to me personally, whether some of the players are from Pakistan or Bhutan. But give the Khan  due respect. He is not dumb. He has  a mind of his own. He thinks . He expresses his thoughts. So what is wrong?   I am glad someone in Mumbai high society is not afraid to express his opinion on an issue which could make him a target of the mobocracy.

SRK, I donot watch all your films, but I  am following you on twitter and support your right to express your opinion.


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