I am copying below the link to  an article written by a Goan.  A different perspective.


This email came into  my  inbox just now, in  response to my  op-ed today. .   Thanks K for sharing your thoughts.  Reproducing  it below.

I am a British woman who has been visiting Goa for many years on holiday, twice a year. I would like to congratulate you on an excellent well researched article.

Many years ago I would have walked the beaches of Goa late at night and felt safe, sadly this is not the case now. I never go out in Goa now without a member of my family with me.

The Scarlett Keeling case shocked and upset many of the British and  Goan community. It was more the fact that the police and the government seemed to trying to cover it up blaming the victim.Yes we understand that drugs and alcohol were being used but this doesn’t excuse the fact that this young girl lost her life and there seemed very little being done to bring the perpetrator to book

Tourism is Important  to Goa and there has been a spat of assaults on western women which has hit the world headlines but there was the rape of a young 17 year old local girl last week in Margao I have seen very little of this in the media.

Goa must come down hard on these perpetrator and until this happens tourist numbers will continue to dwindle. They must restore Goa to the safety we all enjoyed years back for everyone.


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