A general alert has been sounded across India .  New Delhi, Indore and Kanpur are on high alert on Sunday, a day after a bomb blast ripped through a popular eatery in Pune killing nine people.  It  is easy to get affected  by the flood of reports and half-baked analyses . A whole bunch of reports yesterday got basic facts wrong.  Pointless blaming anyone. The pressure of the deadline , the 24/7  media platforms, and the Damocles’ sword  to come up with something new. What scares  me is the widespread tendency ( following every such incident) to jump the gun, come to a conclusion, and create panic. India has lived with the assassin’s bullet and tactics of  terrorists  for decades.  This may well be the start of another season of terror. Every reader of newspapers knows that violence precedes Indo-Pak dialogues. It always has .  Nothing new there. If hopes are dupes,  fears may be liars.  On this day, when terror strikes once again, it is time to renew one’s pledge to be defiantly norm


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