You know your blog is being read, and not just by friends and family, when you start getting emails from strangers wanting tips on how to make money out of blogs.  Confession time: sorry Nadeem, I am smart but NOT  THAT   smart. I blog for fun, and I am not making any money out of this. As yet.  So, to you and others, who asked for help — the short answer is — try the conventional route first. Most blogs are self-promotional …. most bloggers are narcissists. Narcissists  can be charming, exasperating, captivating as well as downright ludicrous.  So take your pick. Most blogs are full of banalities which advertisers, a shrewd lot, will not bet on. Don’t want to discourage you but that is the harsh truth.   None of these are reasons not to blog..  Blogging one’s way to millions  –  if someone knows, h/she ain’t telling..The bottomline: if  you enjoy blogging, go ahead. The hits will come  if you can work up a buzz. And maybe  cash will follow.  Good luck…



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