Reading  “Super  Freakonomics” by that  fabulous  duo  : Steven  D Levitt and Stephen Dubner. This is the follow-up to the international best-seller Freakonomics.  The new book is  ( okay, almost  ) as entertaining and educative as the first one. The writers say they want to put the “freak” back into economics, making the dismal science go  gonzo. I am not paid to review this book so am not saying any thing beyond the obvious. As writers,  Messrs Levitt and Dubner  are appealing  because  they  realise the importance  of  not being earnest.  They are erudite, engaging, educative  but NOT  EARNEST. That is why their prose crackles and that is why a non-economist ( like me ) is  burning midnight oil reading the book. Whether their economics holds up or  not, can’t tell as yet. But I am seduced completely by their style.

As for the photo below, it is a promo for the new scanner-printer-copier  I have just bought to save myself  trips to the  cybercafe at odd hours.  The printer works, the copier works and now I have scanned one of my photos, and BINGO, it works!  Ergo, the economics works– it cost me less than Rs  4000.


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