Martin  Wolf, chief economics commentator at the Financial Times, London, argues that  India is following China as a “premature superpower”, by which he means “a country with low living standards, but a huge economy.” Interesting thought! Taken to its logical end, what would this mean : a country with a 10% GDP growth  rate  where the vast majority donot have the basics in life.

One has heard the activist/NGO arguments on this.  What do economists feel? Is this growth sustainable? What would it mean, economically, politically and socially, if   only about 10% to 20%  of the population continue to be part of the “growth” story and the rest are pushed to the edge.  Write to me. Share your thoughts.

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One thought on “India, a premature superpower?

  1. Is India a premature Superpower? In your dream, FYI, India is a Superpower.

    Just consider the following statistics.

    1. India is the largest democracy in the world.
    2. India is the oldest civilization on earth with over 8000 years of history.
    3. India’s 1.5 billions population is larger than China’s 1.4 billions.
    4. The fastest growing economy in the world for the last thirty years, averaging 12% a year.
    5. The smartest people in the world with the highest IQ anywhere on earth.
    6. India has the longest wall in the world, the only manmade structure visible on the moon.
    7. India will send a man to moon by 2010.
    8. India has the lowest cost car in the world, the Nano from Tata motor.
    9. 60% of engineers in Microsoft, Oracle, Sun, Google and NASA are Indians.
    10. 25% of current US governors are Indian-Americans, including the youngest one, governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal.

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