In Indian politics, if you want to be taken seriously, you have to be feared, not liked. If women’s issues are centre-stage today, it is because certain political factions fear that expansion of political space for women would lead to a  decline in their share. This is not true, but the bogey is  flogged relentlessly. The Women’s Reservation Bill has been passed in India’s Upper House but the battle is not over. There is the Lower  House and the State Legislatures. In the coming days, expect the  issue to feature in prime time TV and in newspapers.  A sidelight to this debate: the status of women today in this part of the world.  If  you are interested in knowing where women stand  in India and South Asia compared to their compatriots in East Asia for example,  and the link between gender parity and  GDP  growth, check  out the link  copied  below.   There is also an audio version of the article (Click the arrow mark on the extreme left)  for those who want to do something else  while  absorbing the key messages in the article.


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