logo.gif, 1 kBInnovative Approaches for Involuntary Resettlement. Lunawa Environmental Improvement & Community Development Project
Patralekha Chatterjee / UN-HABITAT
2010 / Asia, Sri Lanka
In Sri Lanka today, as in many other developing countries, there is a growing urgency to come up with creative and sustainable solutions to tackle the twin pressures of infrastructure needs and the interests of communities who are affected by such projects, often losing their homes, land and livelihood in the process. Rapid industrialization has catapulted Colombo, Sri Lanka’s  commercial capital, into an economic hub. However, this has also severely damaged the environment, especially the city’s  peripheral areas abounding in factories. One of the worst victims of industrial wastewater pollution is the Lunawa Lake, south of Colombo. The lake straddles two adjoining Municipal Councils: Dehiwala-Mt. Lavinia and Moratuwa. Barely a decade ago, it was surrounded by a thriving fisheries industry. Continued discharge of waste water into its waters over the years played havoc, killing most of the fish. Moreover, the catchment area suffers from frequent flooding, due to an inadequate drainage system.”

pdf-file, 1.8MB, 55pp
, Local Governance, Local Planning Processes, Community-driven Development, , , municipal level, strategic planning, informal settlements, land management, technical management systems, operation of infrastructure, housing development,


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