As someone who works  for a range of international clients scattered across  continents and time zones, I am at my desk ,and online for a big  chunk of the day when I am in Delhi — my base.  Fortunately  or unfortunately, the nature of my work forces me to compete and collaborate with people across the world.  One of the  tasks I hugely enjoy is tracking what is new in the world of ideas. Everyone has an opinion and everyone is free to express it. But new perspectives on old problems are  relatively uncommon. Most analysts on strategic affairs derive their wisdom  from other analysts in the businessand google has made plagiarism that much easier. It is easier to find books, reports, analyses that aggregate information and insights   available elsewhere than those which break new ground. There is a room for the former but personally, I am drawn to thelatter.

From today, I will be sharing  web links to reports/ articles, which, in my opinion,  give a glimpse into the mind of an   “ideannovator” – a term I use to describe people whose ideas are innovative and spur action.

Check out the new  page ‘Ideannovator’  ( listed  above)  for  more . I also welcome readers of this blog to alert me to links to new thinking on old problems afflicting India and other emerging economies.

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