It is a bit of a cliche to say that this century belongs to India and China.  Lazy analysis also projects the two as bitter rivals destined to go for each other’s jugular, at all times and in all situations. But the reality on the ground is a lot more  nuanced.  Yes, the two countries have gone to war and there are bitter memories on both sides. The two countries also have different political systems and several issues on which they don’t see eye to eye but to see them only through the lens of power and politics as many of the strat-frat (strategic fraternity) do is to miss the other areas which are bringing India and China together.  The India-China story is a fascinating one because it shows that two giants can compete and collaborate and that is smart to agree to disagree.

Check out my   article about India’s ‘Made-in-China’ doctors and their role in improving bilateral relations in  The Global Times, China’s English language newspaper.


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