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Superbug and Suresh Kalmadi notwithstanding, there is some good news as Independent India begins its 64th year. Face to face with a crisis, this country often comes up with a creative solution.
Four not-so-well-known and randomly selected examples from diverse fields show that “cheap” is not always crass or conniving. Each case has an element of “disruptive innovation” — a term coined by Harvard academic Clayton M. Christensen. Each has, at its core, a simple, transformational idea that improves a product or a service in ways that the market does not expect. And each holds out hope for millions at a time when that commodity is in short supply.
After Tata’s Nano, there is the pe oples’ fridge. For a little more than Rs 3,000, India’s poorest ho useholds can now have a re f r igerator. Manufactured by corporate group Godrej, “Chotukool” has already been test marketed in parts of Maharashtra. The formal launch will take place during the festive season later this year. Ch o tukool is designed for places wh ich have erratic power supply and for those who have never had a fridge and who want to ha ve cold water, store vegetab l es, mi lk and left over food. This po r table, top-opening unit wei g hs only 7.8 kg, uses high-end in s u l a tion to stay cool for hours and can work on battery as well as in v erter. Sa njay Lonial, a Godrej official in v olved with the project, told me that those who have bo u g ht Cho t ukool are using the pr oduct not only at home but also to make money. The tiny fridge is he l ping owners of paan shops, vada pav centres, wayside groc e ry stores and flower vendors to sell additional items like cold wa ter. In the countryside, villa g e rs — the potential buyers — will also act as marketers, earni ng a commission per fridge sold.
Erratic power supply has inspired another innovation — the Nano Ganesh…………………

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One thought on “India, the disruptive innovator

  1. dear madam, about 2 years back itself an engineer working as a lecturer in an engineering college in Gulbarga or in Raichur dist. of Karnataka state had successfully developed the device of controlling the operation of irrigation water pumps remotedly through Mobile Phones for the use of farmers.I had saved the cutting of that English Daily which unfortunately I could not trace out now,It was Bangalore edition of may be TOI,or Deccan Chronicle or Deccan herald. However, this engineer deserves much appreciation and an award too.

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