Is the  toilet a Western import? In response to my latest column in Deccan Chronicle and The Asian Age, a reader had this to say. I am reproducing an excerpt without any editing

“I wish to remind that all the western world imports pepper, cashew, spices and any of the agricultural produce from India that are grown under natural farming and not those grown using chemical fertilizers or pesticide. I agree that people can have toilet but what about cows and goats. Their excretion contributes to natural manures that enriches the plants and handles the pest effectively not leaving any residual poison left in the fruits and vegetables consumed. That is why Indians with large lands used open toilet. The joint family system with large lands, the village and agriculture as the main occupation did not have much to bother about privacy.

Indian culture, as in the natural manure in agriculture, in the industry too, our Indian icon Tata and TVS catalyzed investment, community and national development as their focus as for their own grand children, which are evident from the observation Tata made the “Ethics based” succession during a media interview. However, the speculation in the stock market is the virus, attractively packaged by the market manipulators. Our market regulators enjoy not in regulating but in encouraging speculation, it appears, even after Harshad Metha and sub-prime balloons bursts. Speculation by non-delivery takers’ is similar to torching villages and burning the hands of investors.

Perhaps India, which the world attributes that the majority are Hindus, their civilization is based on Sri Madh Maha Bharath where the high light is what one brought at birth and what one will carry at death, to shun greed. It is “Dharma Adharma” meaning greedless and other way of life…………”

What do you think?


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