Loved the booklined pillars in Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport. Works of Pushkin, old copies of Pravda, old currency notes — flashback to an era that is gone.  Some rare Cold War memorabilia which would be of interest to any history student and anyone curious about the world at large, irrespective of ideology. Loved looking at them while sipping a cup of coffee to wake up groggy self. Nice idea! Thank you Moscow.

Reminded  of the museum inside Mexico City’s Benito Juarez International Airport. You can wander through the museum, looking at  sculptures, artifacts from the Mayan, Azetc period. The Mexicans are smart. Once they have got you hooked to their history, they  point you to the crafts shops. Wish Delhi’s Terminal 3 would use some such sassy ideas of melding art with airport infrastructure. The new terminal is impressive and way better than what was .. But it needs to be distinctive. And for God’s sake, whoever thought carpet was a style statement in an airport?


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