” Krishna is a civil engineer from IIT Madras who cracked the IAS — a combo which makes him a poster boy of aspiring India, with the world as his oyster.Strangely, this 30-year-old chose to make a small part of this world a better place.Stranger still, even after being kidnapped and released by Maoists after a harrowing week in dense jungles in the back of beyond, he refuses to seize the moment.How many times in life does an IAS officer expect to be kidnapped, even if he is from IIT? If another bureaucrat gets kidnapped, as many members of the commentariat have been warning, irked by the state government’s decision to heed Maoist demands, Krishna would lose his shot at glory. So why isn’t he milking the moment for all its worth?

(Read more : Tongue firmly in cheek, my latest column in the DNA —http://www.dnaindia.com/india/analysis_there-is-)more-to-malkangiri-than-maoists_1517023


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