Sorry, I am not going to answer that one gratis. But check out this column for leads on Moses’ likely itinerary if he got serious about following her.

Moses went without food and water for 40 days and nights to receive the Ten Commandments. Times have changed. In brave new India, such old-fashioned abstinence no longer reigns supreme. Now the country offers an a la carte menu of fasts to suit different constitutions, temperaments, causes and locales. As India moves firmly on the ‘fast’ track, spurred by a series of mega scandals, and anti-corruption activists of all hues take to hunger strikes to make their point, it is time to get real. In this crowded scenario, every fast has to have a unique selling proposition that takes on board the basic question: hungry ‘kyon’?

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India is on a ‘fast’ track to turn into a detox haven


One thought on “If Moses met Uma Bharti on the banks of the Ganga…

  1. Dear Patralekha,

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