My latest column in the DNA


As India celebrates the 64th anniversary of its independence from Britain, we have much to be thankful for.
The drip-drip of corruption scandals and civil-society mutinies notwithstanding, we can count our blessings, starting with a few not-so-obvious ones. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is under attack on various fronts. But no one can accuse him of having a colourful past or of being a member of any snobby Oxford University ‘dining’ clique with a reputation for boisterous behaviour as is being suggested of British Premier David Cameron and London Mayor Boris Johnson.
Our foreign minister commands attention because of the words he utters, even if some of them display a streak of absent-mindedness, unlike his counterpart in neighbouring Pakistan, who has been hitting the headlines mostly for her handbag.
We should also pat ourselves on our backs that though our leaders may be found wanting in many ways, none is likely to be racing on horseback across the steppes of Mongolia, 715 miles from the nearest airport, in times of a national crisis, as is reported to be the case with Northern Ireland Secretary Owen Paterson.

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