Deccan Chronicle, October 31
Europe’s de-growth: A view from Italy
October 31, 2011
For those with time, money and the urge to splurge, there is Aldo Coppola, the hair stylist to the beau monde.
Coppola opened his first salon in Milan in 1965. Now there are several across the town, the country and in the fashion capitals around the world. But what should the rest of us do if we find ourselves in Milan, are craving for a haircut, and are typically short of time and cash?
With a few hours to kill before I caught my flight back home, I began my search on foot for a hairdresser who could do a competent job, whose rates didn’t make me turn a shade of burnt sienna, and who was not too far from my hotel. A tall order, you may think, especially since my Italian was
The solution surfaced unexpectedly in Via Ponte Seveso, not far from the central train station. A big signboard advertised the services of Jing Jing, parrucchiere, Italian for hairdresser. As I strode in, I was greeted with big smiles and no one asked if I had an appointment. The hairstylists were from mainland China. I confess to some initial inhibition.
But then I thought of the big picture — when debt-ridden Europe was looking to China for rescue, how risky could it be for me to trust a Chinese hairdresser? There was another factor which emboldened me — having grown up in Kolkata, I was used to Chinese hairdressers and I have stuck with them in Delh
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