…… ” In the encircling gloom, is the ability to continue laughing, even when the joke is on us, worth fighting for? Definitely yes. The jokes are one way of preserving sanity. They also signal something deeper — in the cyber world, hierarchies and barriers melt away. Anyone connected to the Net can take potshots at those connected to the corridors of power. All are at par. Fame, power, position, no doubt yield followers. But to survive the slings and arrows on Twitter, one simply has to be wittier. There are no VIP seats, no Z-category security. The real world is not yet flat, Thomas Friedman’s wishes notwithstanding. But the cyber world is, or more so. That’s its charm, and its power.
As the events of this year across the globe and in India have shown, the ordinary netizen can challenge the mightiest….” read more http://www.asianage.com/columnists/internet-calling-where-are-you-486


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