My latest column (Dev 360) in The Asian Age and Deccan Chronicle India’s slip & slide act
Jan 31, 2012

Patralekha Chatterjee
Ask any industrialist and you will be told it is much cheaper to bribe the inspectors than to install and maintain pollution control equipment
When the rich and powerful of the world gather at an alpine ski resort, and the conversation turns to topics like “Is Capitalism Failing?” and “Global Risks 2012: The Seeds of Dystopia”, you know there are no certainties any more.
At Davos, the have-yachts were discussing have-nots this year, and India glittering is now India dithering. The slide is not just in cricket.
In survey after international survey that has been released over the past few months, India is slipping. Whether it be in education, ability to tackle corruption, press freedom, gender gap, human rights, you name it; we are trailing not only behind other emerging economies, like Brazil and China, we are even behind many poorer developing countries.

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