My latest column in The Asian Age

Patralekha Chatterjee

The aspirational Indian argues that happiness is now within the reach of each one of us… provided we are not tight-fisted and give in to the urge to splurge



It is good to know that the world is a happier place today than it was four years ago despite everything one has been seeing or reading. It is even better to be told that neither woes, nor wants, nor whinging about corruption has dented our genius for happiness. Last week, French market research company Ipsos declared that the world’s happiest live in Indonesia, India and Mexico.

I have never been to Indonesia but since that country has pipped us to grab the top slot in the happiness stakes, it is certainly going to be on my must-visit list. Most vacationers head for Bali, “the world’s best island resort”. But there is more to Indonesia, the largest archipelago in the world comprising over 17,000 large and small tropical islands fringed with white sandy beaches, than Balinese dancers and Balinese spa. Hopefully, curiosity and some cash-to-splash will take me one day to all the other unexplored islands with grand mountain views, green rainforests and rolling waves. If I am beginning to sound like a tourist brochure, I am hardly to blame. This is what happiness does to a lot of people in youthful emerging markets like Indonesia, India and Mexico.


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