That is not what this column is really about but no harm fantasising. My latest column was inspired by a TV studio discussion where one walrus-mustachioed former army officer frothed and fumed at the mention of the word “development”. The discussion took place 2 days after Sukma Collector Alex Menon’s abduction. The gentleman argued that talking about development at a time like this was a diversionary tactic and one has to first “take them  out” (Maoists).  My personal view is that increasing numbers of urbanites, including those who are sneeringly referred to as “bleeding heart liberals” understand that Maoists are no angels, and that they kill. But I have a question relating to strategy: do the security forces who are being asked to   “take them out” ( puzzled by the dental imagery) have the ground intelligence and wherewithall to know who is a Maoist and who is a adivasi in the tribal heartland where Maoists have influence. How is to be done? Could we have a discussion on that?

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