As I write, the news from Assam continues to be grim. One of the key issues which needs to be flagged is the enormous importance of  providing health care to the tens of thousands who are living in precarious conditions in relief camps in Kokrajhar and other violence-scarred districts in the state. It is anyone’s guess when they will be able to go home. Meanwhile there are women giving birth, children who need immediate medical attention, old people who are sick. But doctors and medical staff face a grave risk in doing their job.This afternoon, I heard about a  team of doctors who were prevented from going to a relief camp. A mob blocked their path because they were headed towards a camp whose inmates were from a particular community. In the middle of this, there are a few brave souls – young doctors and medical students from  Assam and other states — who are determined to live up to the Hippocratic Oath.

My latest column (Dev 360) in The Asian Age and Deccan Chronicle is a tribute to them. Check it out

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