Disasters and development are closely linked. Disasters can both destroy development initiatives and create development opportunities. Development schemes can both increase and
decrease vulnerability. Disasters set back years of development initiatives e.g. transport and utility systems are destroyed by a fl ood. But rebuilding after a disaster provides signifi cant
opportunities to initiate development programmes. A self help housing programme to rebuild housing destroyed by an earthquake teaches new skills, strengthens community pride and
leadership and retains development dollars that otherwise would be exported to construction companies. But development programmes can also increase an area’s susceptibility to disasters. A major increase in livestock development leads to overgrazing, which contributes to desertification and increases vulnerability to famine.

( Setting the context – the nexus between disaster and development, a module I prepared  and piloted. Check out link below for more details)


Here are my recent columns on the subject. Pegged on the tragedy in Uttarkhand.





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