July 23, 2010

Kishore Mahbubani,  the author of   the best-seller  “Can Asians Think” (1998)  is someone   I  admire a lot.  He has an interesting mind . I place him on the top of my  list of   ‘ideannovators’  in the world today.  Mahbubani starts a regular column in The Indian Express from today.

Comment pieces which  either praise China to the skies for its phenomenal economic progress  or savage it for its human rights abuses are dime a dozen. They have begun to tire  me because they provide no new insights about a country which is playing and will play a hugely important role in the world today.  As someone tracking emerging economies, I   am instinctively drawn to articles which  tell me more about the factors which make China different and lets me  make up my own mind.

Check out http://www.indianexpress.com/news/Concessions-to-victory/650535 for examples of what Mahubani calls China’s increasing “geopolitical competence”.  Nice phrase, that!


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